A small collection of what I've found interesting on the web.

Scattered essays:

  • What Makes People Vote Republican? (Jonathan Haidt). It's not an argument for voting Republican, but rather an honest attempt to understand the conservative moral worldview.Eye-opening.
  • Book of Lamentations (Sam Kriss). This piece works in a different register. It's satire, but also beautiful, in its way, and haunting: a review of the DSM-5 as a piece of dystopian fiction.
  • The Intelligent Plant (Michael Pollan). At a different time scale, plants behave a lot like animals.

Academic papers:


  • Timelapse of a 450-ton transformer moving around the world. Logistics is beautiful.
  • Timelapse video of Pyongyang, North Korea. Not your traditional view of NK.


Paul Graham classics:

Ribbonfarm favorites:

Scott Alexander favorites:


Last updated January 9, 2016.