Hi, I’m Kevin Simler. Melting Asphalt is my home on the web for Taking Ideas Seriously. I try to publish new essays every week or two; you can think of them as dispatches from the fringes of my worldview.

About me

I graduated from Berkeley in 2004 with degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science. I started a PhD in Computational Linguistics at MIT, but left in 2006 to join a little startup called Palantir, where worked for 7 years as an engineer, engineering manager, and product designer.

I believe in (pan)critical rationalismkeeping my identity small, and writing as an aid to thinking. I’m interested in almost everything.

Elsewhere on the web

Melting Asphalt?

The title comes from Isabel Allende:

He knocked on every door up and down the coast, sweltering in the hot breath of the siesta, feverish in the humidity, stopping from time to time to give assistance to iguanas whose feet were stuck in the melting asphalt.

Maybe someday I’ll figure out what it means.